Surface Level


  1. The color of the light bulb changed as the temperature of the light bulb changed.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. What do the observations (your graph) tell you about the relationship between temperature and energy emission by the light bulb? Select two from the list of choices.
  2. A.Linear
  3. B.Non-linear
  4. C.Positive
  5. D.Negative


  1. A surface that receives a greater amount of insolation is generally warmer than a surface that receives a smaller amount of insolation if all other conditions are identical.
  2. True
  3. False


  1. On the surface level, a location with a large sky view (such as the rose garden on Chico State campus) receives a greater amount of daily insolation than a location surrounded by vegetation and buildings (such as the area near Butte Hall and along Big Chico Creek) does.
  2. True
  3. False

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