Supply Process

Use what your team has learned about the organization chosen in Week 1, along with the information technology/ERP concepts described in Chapter 4 of our primary text.

Identify the ERP, e-commerce and e-procurement tools progressive companies use to manage their suppliers. Point out how these tools are used by your chosen organization if this information is available to you.

Design/create a process map that reflects the Supply Process used by the company studied since week 1 and how Information Technology/Systems/ERP is used to support and improve the process. If you cannot create this process map from the information available concerning the company your team selected, use the Figure 4-2 from our primary text and declare the lack of this information from your chosen organization. 

Address what information should be shared with the departments outside procurement.

Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 10 slides with speaker’s notes that discusses this process. There is no penalty for exceeding 10 slides. 

Format your presentation according to APA standards for the cover slide and the slide containing your references. In your speaker notes use citations aligned with your references.

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