Supply Chain

College of Engineering & Physical Sciences Assignment Brief
Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Mapping
Assignment brief (individual):   Background and your task: This assignment is designed to enable you to apply the knowledge that you have gained during this module by applying supply chain mapping techniques to an organisation (and/or product) of your choice and to identify opportunities for improvement (e.g. cost removal, added value, risk reduction, time reduction).   Submission date: Your completed report should be submitted via Blackboard   Notes There are no limitations (e.g. size, sector, geography) regarding the selection of the organisation. There is no requirement for the use of a specific software. The report should be structured as follows: Introduction Lit. review (emphasising on supply chain mapping and on the comparison of two supply chain mapping commercial software solutions). Empirical part Research design (e.g. technique used, justification, description of the process) Results (the expectation is that you will produce a supply chain mapping graph) Findings-Conclusion (“so what”?) References
Descriptive details of Assignment: Document Title e.g. Student   Writing guidelines:   Assignments should be 3,000 words long (excluding tables, graphs and spreadsheets). There will be a penalty of 15% for those reports exceeding the word limit by more than 15%. Reports should be written using the Arial font at a size of 12 and with 1.5 spacing between lines. There should be clear spacing between paragraphs, sections and subsections.

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