Supply Chain Strategy

Question 1

Address the following questions (in at least one case, find an article that supports your statements):

  • List an action taken by Ashmark immediately after the bankruptcy and discuss its effectiveness.
  • Describe a future action that could be taken at Ashmark.

Question 2

Identify the type of supply chain strategy you believe Oil company (example is cheveron) are using and make a recommendation if they need to make some improvements or if they should continue by using their current strategy. Make sure you provide justification for your recommendation.

Question 3

In accordance with the case on pages 460 – 461, Doris the VP of SCM at Migdi is confronted with a pilot project being cancelled by Nestle, while departing from Cincinnati to Zurich. After gauging the cultural conflict and barriers within Migdi, what do you suggest Doris do to develop a road map in initiating an honest and innovative collaboration plan to bring the Migdi team onboard to cultivate change? Secondly, name the top two or three priorities you see as value-added resources within your current or former organization.

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