Substitution Strategy


Using a substitution Strategy to solve a system of Linear Equations After an airplane reached its cruising altitude, it climbed for 10 min. Then it descended for 15 min. Its current altitude was then 1000 m below its cruising altitude. The difference between the rate of climb and the rate of descent was 400 m/min. What were the rate of climb and the rate of descent?


(a) Write two word problems involving some sort of formula or equation and (b) one word problem not involving an equation, that can be solved using the five-step problem solving process.


Suppose  a soft-drink firm is grappling with the decision about whether to  market a new carbonated beverage with 25 percent real fruit juice. How  might it use the six decision steps to guide its course of action?

Complete  this essay in a Microsoft Word document, APA formatted. Your assignment should be about two pages, double  spaced. 

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