Qualitative Assignment 4-1 instructions

After reading the assigned textbook reading, proceed to the website entitled Subaru: “Mr. Survey” Monitors Customer Satisfaction and read the 5 other articles. After viewing the video found at this website and reading the articles, create a Word document that addresses the assignment deliverables.

Submit the requisite amount of theory and analysis/discussion for each question. Cursory, short answers are not acceptable. Provide the necessary scholarly attention to these questions. A satisfactory answer will require a minimum of 1300 words, with 3 relevant resources. This does not include the course textbook.

Assignment Deliverables:

  1. Discuss the role that marketing research can play in helping Subaru understand why its customers are devoted to the brand.
  2. In order to expand market share in the current hypercompetitive automobile market, Subaru must foster and build customer loyalty. Define the management decision problem.
  3. Define at least 4 marketing research questions based on the above management decision problem.
  4. Discuss the role of qualitative research in understanding the devotion of consumers to a particular automobile brand.
  5. Which specific qualitative research technique(s) should be used andwhy?
  6. If a survey is to be conducted to understand consumer preferences for various automobile brands, which survey method should be used and why?
  7. Can Subaru make use of causal research? If yes, how?

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