Student Success

Section #1: What happened that resulted in you not being successful?

* Explain the circumstances that prevented you from being successful. Be specific if those circumstances were unusual or extenuating. Enclose appropriate documentation (medical records, funeral announcement, etc.) if applicable. Attach if necessary.

Section #2: What’s changed in your life that will now allow you to be successful?

* Describe how the circumstances have changed that should allow you to perform successfully. Include changes you have identified as beneficial in any of the following areas:

* Academics (online resources, habits, study skills, faculty, staff, etc.), family, social, work, etc.

* Provisional students: explain why you’re better suited for this new program

Section #3: What is your specific plan moving forward to ensure your success?

* Describe the specific plan of action that you will follow to attain academic success if your appeal is approved. Include:

o What grades will you need in each class to return to good standing? How will you get those grades? What changes might you need to make to attain those grades?

o Address plans to retake previously failed courses.

o Goals for the term and how you will achieve them.

o Time Management Calendar

o Any strategies you will use to ensure your success.

Section #4: Contingency Plan

* What is your action plan in the event your previous issues come up again?

o What is your plan in case anything goes wrong?

o How will you stay on the path to success?

o Back up internet access or computer?

o How are you going to utilize tutoring or other Support Service

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