Stress Reduction

Question 1


Identify how art contributes to happiness, reduction of stress, and increased morale in the workplace while synthesizing these elements within personal and professional life.


Images, colors, shapes, and texts produce various effects on people every day. As part of your yearly review, your employer has asked you to draft a reflection on your real life experience in your environment. You can use visual storytelling means as well.

  1. In your review describe in detail the stimuli you encounter on a daily basis. You can use visual media.
  2. Identify how these stimuli contribute to happiness, reduction of stress and motivation in your everyday life.
  3. From these examples, describe how you would change the stimuli.
  4. What changes could make in your own life or work to change the effects of your environment on you?

Question 2

Your boss has asked you to lead a group of eight of your coworkers for a

new project that will change several elements of your department. This

is your first time in a leadership role and you anticipate that there

will be a certain amount of conflict within this new group.

In 250 – 300 words, identify potential conflicts that can occur in

groups. What strategies could you implement to manage the group


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