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Select a topic to research interests in counseling. For your research, you must use Google Scholar, the Library or another reputable site. Use Lecture 2 for a description of what is considered a scholarly article. Use APA formatting style for references. Create a title page and a reference list with 10 references from the last 5 years. Include the permalink for each reference pulled from the library. Include the following types of references:

  1. Book
  2. Journal articles
  3. Website
  4. Dissertation/thesis from a database
  5. Streaming video
  6. Book chapter

 Prepare this assignment to the guidelines in the APA Style  


     The ABC Floral Shop sold the following number of geraniums   during the last 2 weeks:   Day Demand Day Demand    1 200 8 150    2 134 9 182    3 157 10 197    4 165 11 136    5 177 12 163    6 125 13 157    7 146 14 169    Develop a   spreadsheet to answer the following questions.  

 • Calculate   a forecast of the above demand using a 3- and 5-period moving average.   

• Graph   these forecasts and the original data using Excel. What does the graph show?

  • Which of   the above forecasts is best? Why?    

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