Strategy Maps

Question 1

Part 1.

Write a three page paper that evaluates what you have mastered in this course. Develop and include a plan for future personal and professional improvement in the areas of production and procurement in the aviation and/or aerospace industries.

double spaced:

Areas to discuss

  • How to build a SIPOC diagram
  • How to construct strategy maps
  • Dimensions of competitive advantage
  • Measuring and tracking productivity
  • Flowchart
  • Fishbone diagram
  • House of quality
  • Needs analysis
  • FMEA

Format for Assignment:

  1. Reference Page (If needed/add citations for every reference

Part 2.

Write a two page paper illustrating how you would apply subject matter knowledge (i.e., those areas that you have mastered in this course) to real world situations and scenarios

Format for Assignment:

  1. Title Page
  2. Reference Page (If needed/add citations for every reference) – APA

Question 2

use your imagination and write a poem that has visuals, rhythm, and imagination. This is a fun one. Be creative and try to make it 2-3 pages. You can use spaces between each line. It can be about love, joy, friendship, past experiences, etc.

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