Strategic Priority Areas

Question 1

The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions Essay.

Chronic conditions are the leading cause of illness, disability and death in Australia. Tackling chronic conditions and their causes is the biggest challenge facing Australia’s health system. The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions (the Framework) is the overarching policy for chronic conditions. It sets the directions and outcomes to achieve its Vision that “all Australians live healthier lives through effective prevention and management of chronic conditions.” The framework has developed three objectives and has identified Strategic Priority Areas that the industry and academic partners identify, plan and implement actions and services against.

For the purposes of this assessment, you are required to review the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions and consider its three objectives:

Q1. Discuss ONE of the three objectives of the Framework with relevant literature

Q2. Critically analyse and present relevant research on the role of the nurse in achieving TWO “Strategic Priority Areas” relevant to the objective discussed in Q1. (nurses role should be focused on a specific chronic condition)

Question 2

“A duty of care arises not merely when damage is reasonably foreseeable, but when it is just and reasonable to impose liability.” Discuss how this statement applies within the various areas under the law of negligence.

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