Strategic Planning Interview

  • Apply each step of the strategic planning process to impact individual and team accountability within an organization. Apply best practices in comprehensive strategic planning and the nurse leader’s role within healthcare organizations.
  • Write clearly and concisely about healthcare priorities, leading organizational planning, collaboration, and implementing healthcare policy, using proper writing mechanics.

Assignment 2: Strategic Planning Interview

  • Identify the name and role of the executive interviewed (CNO, CEO, Nursing Director etc.) and a brief description of the organizational structure and planning process. Which levels of strategy (corporate, business, and functional) are included within the planning?
  • Identify and describe the services provided by facility involved.
  • Explain the overall review process of the mission statement during the organization’s last Strategic Planning Event.
  • Describe the strategic priorities that were changed or updated.
  • Describe the types of data reviewed to assist with planning.
  • Discuss the process for including capital planning for equipment and/or technology into the strategic plan.
  • Identify the other team members involved in the strategic planning activities. What are the benefits of having an interdisciplinary team as a part of the strategic plan process?
  • Describe the strategies nurse leaders utilized to roll out the strategic plan to their next level supervisors and front line staff.
  • Summarize the interview into an essay between 1400 words

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