Strategic Objectives

Instructions: one power point presentation which presents the organizations strategic planning via the 16 points covered in the weekly essays. Presentation is required to cover the topics adequately. Student will conduct a 10 minute oral presentation of the power point.

The 16 strategic analysis topics from the weekly assignments are as follows:

1. Describe the organization’s mission and vision statements. Are they effective?

2. Describe the organizations business model (customer value proposition & profit formula).

3. Describe the organizations competitive advantage. Does it have a sustainable competitive advantage at present?

4. Describe the organization’s financial and strategic objectives?

5. Consider the organization’s macro-environmental factors PESTEL analysis and describe which two are most relevant to the organization’s at present.

6. Consider the competitiveness of the organizations industry using the Five-Forces Model of competition, and describe which of the five forces is creating the strongest competitive pressure in the organizations industry.

7. Assess the organizations primary tangible and intangible resources using the VRIN test for sustainable competitive advantage.

8. Conduct SWOT analysis on the organization.

9. Describe the organizations current competitive strategy using the five generic strategies framework.

10. Describe what generic competitive type, from the five generic strategies framework, is being used by the organizations primary rival.

11. Describe whether the organization’s is using an offensive or defensive strategy type.

12. Describe the organization’s current merger, acquisitions, or outsourcing options/status.

13. Describe the organization’s current or potential strategic approach to compete internationally.

14. Identify which of the organization’s resources and capabilities make it attractive to compete internationally.

15. Describe the organization’s current or potential diversification strategy options.

16. Identify how chosen diversification strategy options would lead to a strategic fit with the organization.

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