Storage of Energy

Question 1

Solar trough technology converts

a.the ultraviolet light in sunlight directly into electricity.

b.the heat of the sun into steam to drive a turbogenerator.

c.sunlight into electricity which then produces steam heat.

d.the direct current generated by photovoltaic cells into alternating current.

Question 2

As sun shines on its leaves, a bean plant uses the light in photosynthesis to make beans. This entire process represents, in this sequence, the:

a.generation, collection, and conversion of energy of energy, collection, and conversion

c.conversion, collection, and storage of energy

d.collection, conversion, and storage of energy

Question 3

Which one of the following does not represent indirect solar energy?

a.nuclear fission




Question 4

In passive solar units that heat water, the water moves because:

a.flat-plate collectors are facing the sun

b.heated water rises up from low-positioned flat-plate collectors to the water tank

c.wind-powered pumps move the water through the system electric water pump moves the water through the system

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