Stock Exchange

Question 1

Research a company listed on the stock exchange outside TCI. Your research should include the following tools:

  1. Swot Analysis
  2. Porter’s Diamond
  3. Firm’s Competitive Strategies
  4. Low Cost (cost-leadership) Strategy
  5. Differentiation strategy

And any other information that is needing to do a Company Analysis.

Choose any company listed on a stock exchange within the Caribbean mainly from:

  1. Barbados Stock Exchange
  2. Jamaica Stock Exchange or
  3. Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange

Question 2

Describe, using up to a maximum of 200 words, what information can be deduced from the plots obtained by plot_comparison . Discuss also what changes when the comparison is run on the same stories but vectorized with parameters k=1 and k=3 and nbits=15 .

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