Statistical Test

This chapter establishes the theoretical framework for the research problem. Students should draw upon secondary literature (textbooks or business publications) as well as primary research (scholarly journals). Students should have a minimum of fifteen sources, three of which must be scholarly research. In the unusual situation where the problem is so specific or uncommon as to have only very old literature, that should be noted (please check with the instructor for guidance). The journal articles must be from different publications unless the research problem is so specific or unusual that little is written about it (and must be discussed with the instructor in advance).

The other sources may be business publications or secondary research. Do not include unverified Internet resources, popular publications, dictionary, encyclopedia, or any other sources which do not contribute to the theoretical foundation of the study. Students are required to adhere to the standards of form and style as described by APA, including citations and reference pages. Please be advised that irrespective of the scholarship of the writing, a paper cannot receive an “A” if the form and style as described in APA are not followed.

Students should organize this chapter thematically and there should be a logical connection of the literature to the problem statement. The review is written in a narrative style. Please do not simply summarize the articles or just supply a reference page. The literature review requires that you read, analyze, and synthesize relevant findings that explain or provide perspective on what has been already researched and discovered regarding your business problem.

The literature will also include a section on the statistical test(s) that the student intends to use, including a discussion on the theory, assumptions, and interpretation of the test(s). The literature review is a thread which ties the entire paper together and the literature cited here will be referenced throughout the paper.

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