Statistical Significance


Why is statistical significance not necessarily of practical important difference to a business decision? Provide an example and explain. Why do statisticians play only a limited role in deciding whether statistical significance requires a business action? 


How much do 2nd graders weigh? The department provided wt distributions. weight- ( 7%   / 21% / 41% / 19% / 12%/ ) an school took a random sample of 125 2nd graders   and obtained the distribution weight: weight-( 89) # of students- ( 6 / 29 /   50 / 30 / 10 ) is the weight distribution for the school a good fit to the   department?

use sd 0.05.


1.Why was Phoebe Pember considered an nurse leader?

2. What did Phoebe Pember contribute to the profession of nursing?

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