Statistical Methods

Question 1

Step 1

Information technology (IT) solutions are often dependent upon the application of the discrete mathematics, probability, and statistical methods that you have been introduced to in this course.

Note: This example includes advanced topics, and you are not expected to understand the article fully. It is offered here simply as an example of how these techniques may be employed to solve IT problems.

Step 2

Using the library’s full-text database , identify a problem in an IT-related system where statistical methods could be used to analyze, evaluate, and recommend performance improvements for the system.

Summarize the problem, and discuss how you would use the discrete mathematics, probability, and statistical methods from this course to analyze the associated data, present the information, and draw inferences to develop a solution that would improve system performance. Explain your reasoning.

Feel free to reflect on the example referenced in Step 1, and discuss your thoughts about it with the class and your instructor.

Question 2

Think about home security – how we protect the physical and other assets in our homes. What are at least four layers of “defense in depth” in physical home security, and how do these compare and relate to their counterpart principles in information security? (2-3 paragraphs)

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