Statistical Inference

Question 1

When TV advertisements report that “2 out of 3 dentists surveyed indicated they would recommend Brand X toothpaste to their patients,” an informed consumer may question the conclusion because:

A. the results were incorrectly computed.

B. dentists were not really surveyed.

C. the conclusion does not include the total number of dentists surveyed.

D. the conclusion is not illustrated with a graph. Reset Selection

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Question 2

The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to:

A. summarize data in a useful and informative manner.

B. make inferences about a population.

C. determine if the data adequately represents the population.

D. gather or collect data. Reset Selection

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Question 3

A poll of 1,000 voters used to predict the outcome of a statewide election is an example of:

A. descriptive statistics.

B. continuous variable measurement.

C. statistical inference.

D. deductive statistics. Reset Selection

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