Statistical Analysis

In a paper of at least 2,000 words (not including title, abstract, and reference pages), identify four quantitative research studies that relate to your topic of interest and research focus (two of the studies may be those you profiled in the first Discussion Forum assignment this week). In your paper:

  • Describe each research study, identifying the research question(s) and hypothesis (or hypotheses), the study population for each study, and the type of statistical analysis the researcher used to analyze and summarize the data.
  • Analyze similarities and differences in the ways each researcher tackled the research topic.
  • Evaluate the extent to which each study exhibits internal, construct, and external validity. Is there any evidence of lack of consistency or bias in any of the studies? If so, describe your concerns.
  • Discuss any unresolved questions about your topic of interest or research focus that were raised by the studies. How would further research on this topic help augment the findings of the studies you reviewed?
  • Prepare an outline of the information you gathered from the four sources that could be used if you were to write a paper on your topic. Organize your outline in a way that would demonstrate to a reader how you might synthesize the information across the four quantitative research studies.

Make sure to list all four articles and any other sources you

accessed to write your paper in the reference list. If needed, use the APA Formatting Templates .

to ensure the most common reference types are formatted correctly, and

use your APA manual for less common reference types. Include title,

abstract, and reference pages in your paper.

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