Star Category

Question 1

Choose a company and discuss which BCG category (star, cash cow, dog, or question mark) would apply and why. Analyze whether it is always possible or desired to be in any one category at all stages of a company’s evolution and whether every company should strive to be in the star category.

Include in your initial post at least one reference using the Library or other professional and scholarly references. You may want to use the Business Management & Administration Library Guide to begin your research.

Question 2

As you can see, social media is a tool for communicating that organizations are definitely using. As such, you will apply the three-step process to get a message to an audience via a blog posting. Choose one of these two options below and write a brief (225-250 word) blog post addressing the described audience.

  1. 7-35. Media Skills: Blogging; Compositional Modes: Tutorials (Tumblr)
  2. 7-36. Media Skills: Blogging (Credit Card Debt)

Question 3

Why has Strategic Management become so important to today’s corporations and

How does Strategic Management typically evolve in a corporation?

APA format. minimum 500 words academic/scholarly sources only

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