Standardized Forms

Laws regulations

1. Which limiting factor is maintain appropriate levels when weeds are controlled in an area?



C)Food source

2. The variety of procedures used to observe measure and record over time the activities growth development and abundance of organisms or the factors affecting them is called

A) detecting

B) monitoring


3. Which measurement is necessary before researchers can judge the reliability of conclusions drawn from a replicated field trial?

A)Correlations of tolerance

B) ratios of variance

C) levels of significance

4. reducing the use of broad spectrum insecticides to conserve naturally occurring populations I have predators and parasities Will help reduce the chance of

A)Standardized forms

B) Voice recordings

C)Specialized index cards

5. Which problem is a direct result of overwatering

A)Outbreaks of aphids

B) mildew

C)Crown rock disease



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