Sport Organizations

Question 1

1) Why is sound financial management so important for all sport organizations? What are three core financial statements, and what do they aim to measure? What are the key financial questions that all sport organizations need to ask in order to understand their overall financial well-being?

2) Describe at least two different business classifications (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, LLC) in which an organization can be identified, and indicate which forms are used the most within the sport industry. Compare and contrast the classifications by identifying some advantages and disadvantages of one over the other. If you owned a professional sports team, which form of business ownership would you prefer and why? Describe one tax and one legal issue involved with the financial management of sport organizations.



Fried, G., DeSchriver, T. D., & Mondello, M. (2013). Sport finance (3rd ed.). Human Kinetics. ISBN: 9781450421041

Question 2

2.3 INCOME FLOWS VERSUS CASH FLOWS. The text states, “Over sufficiently long time periods, net income equals cash inflows minus cash outflows, other than cash flows with owners.” Demonstrate the accuracy of this statement in the following scenario: Two friends contributed $50,000 each to form a new business. The owners used the amounts contributed to purchase a machine for $100,000 cash. They estimated that the useful life of the machine was five years and the salvage value was $20,000. They rented out the machine to a customer for an annual rental of $25,000 a year for five years. Annual cash operating costs for insurance, taxes, and other items totaled $6,000 annually. At the end of the fifth year, the owners sold the equipment for $22,000, instead of the $20,000 salvage value initially estimated. (Hint: Compute the total net income and the total cash flows other than cash flows with owners for the five-year period as a whole.)

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