Special Interest Project

Is there models for this type of training for music organization ?

1. What general topic will you address through your project?   How did you choose this topic?  What is the relevance of this topic to your work or career plans in facilitating adult learning?

2. What is your current level of knowledge, skill, or experience with this topic? What do you plan to learn from this project?  Write target learning outcome statements that will guide you as you complete the project and that will be part of the criteria to assess your performance.

3. What deliverable(s) will you plan to provide? This can be a formal research paper but might also take other forms.  All projects should include a summary of the literature/resources that were reviewed but may be accompanied by any of the following:

Slide or video presentation

Teaching/training proposal or outline

Teaching/training materials

Analysis of a case study

Others that are appropriate to the project: 

4. If you have already identified or acquired resources you might use to develop this

project, please list them. If not, what kinds of resources will you plan to locate and use?  (For example:  literature from the field of adult higher education; case studies of corporate training programs; competency models sponsored by professional associations; state policies regarding adult learning and employability; many other possibilities depending on the nature of your project)

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