Special Interest Group


¬†Need to write down case study paper on the topic “pizza hut (NYSE:YUM) rolling out beer delivery service in 2019 (new product/distribution) ” The paper should contain a minimum of 2000 words excluding cover page, references and any other third party materials.Paper should be correctly formatted. Evidences should be provided and presented logically. Case study topic should be clearly defined upfront and memo ends with conclusion of whether marketing efforts will be successful or not. Should have used at least ten credible sources. sources should be correctly cited evaluated and quoted within the paper and at the end. paper should be clear and concise. Most importantly it should be plagiarism free.

Also need to have a power point slid for presentation. (at least 8-10 slide)


 Today, there are many vocal special interest groups, prominent lobbying groups, and prominent political contributors who encourage elected policy makers to develop policies for the benefit of the special interest group. Do you think that today’s policy makers truly represent the general public, or do they actually represent special interest groups and the elite population? Why, or why not?  Don’t forget to introduce yourself and share some of your bio.  

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