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Question 1

Report on Maya Angelou and her political activism/influence with concentration in her experiences on the south post civil war in contrast to her experience writing the poem On The Pulse of The Morning for the inauguration of former president Bill Clinton. Discuss James Baldwin and his political activism and influence during the Harlem Renaissance and his political influences. Compare the two poets and examine where their views intersect. Use at least 4 scholarly resources and cite in MLA format.

Question 2

Part 1

Write the positive and negative side effects of children immunization (vaccination)

Part 2

How people can keep their children safe with vaccinations ( write the process of the vaccination

Question 3

Consult an online dictionary and/or thesaurus to respond to the following prompt in a paragraph of 7 to 10 sentences.

Choose five words from five separate lines in the poem, “One Today” by Richard Blanco that you would have changed if you had been the original writer of this poem.

  1. Write to explain what changes you would have made with these five word choices and why you would change them in this way.
  2. Also explain how the use of the online dictionary and/or thesaurus assists you in making these choices.

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