Solving Identity Management


TOPIC: Using blockchain to solve identity management and theft issue

In the assessment, blockchain is used to describe any case of a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). While a blockchain is a sub-class of DLT, the solution may include other non-blockchain DLT’s.

For this assessment you will present an application portfolio in which you have created a blockchain solution to a specific problem or opportunity you have defined (a case study in this instance). The definition of the case will follow a systems design methodology but the creation of the blockchain solution will be a practical application.


You will develop a prototype using an appropriate DLT development environment. The prototype needs to accurately reflect the requirements and design elements specified.

1. The design elements and prototype will contribute to your application portfolio. In addition to these elements, the portfolio will also include a report that includes:
– The design elements with descriptions of what and how they are applied to the case problem/opportunity.
– A description of the prototype and evidence of it working, for example, screen dumps.
– A description of how your solution meets the functional and non-functional requirements and those you may have missed. Include explanations of why some were not done.
– A critical assessment of your performance that reflects on your expectations and what you have learned.

2. Report length:
10 Pages (not include Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, List of Figures/Tables), at least 5000 words

3. Development environment: Ideally Solidity, but any suitable DLT is fine

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