Solar Radiation


If 100 units of incoming solar radiation arrive on an asphalt surface with an albedo value of 0.15, how many units of incoming solar radiation are reflected? Enter a numerical value.


If Chico receives 950 W/m2 of incoming solar radiation, how much of it is reflected by a grass surface with an albedo value of 0.25? Enter a numerical value with one decimal place.


  1. Warming temperatures melt snow and ice in the Arctic region which will expose darker soil. In this case, the albedo of this surface will _____.
  2. A.decrease
  3. B.decrease and then increase
  4. C.increase
  5. D.remain the same
  6. E.increase and then decrease


  1. How much insolation does the Earth’s surface receive at night?
  2. A.90% of the daytime value
  3. B.50% of the daytime value
  4. C.10% of the daytime value
  5. D.0% of the daytime value
  6. E.-10% of the daytime value

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