Software Models

Question 1

In 7 to 9 pages not including the references page write an article about Security in the Cloud provide the following :

1- Talk about cloud computing infrastructure and its model

2- discuss about software models

3- discuss security issues in the cloud

4- discuss privacy issues in the cloud

5- discuss the ethical framework most suited for the cloud


There is an IEEE template of the article can be found as attachment . Your article must obey the template guidelines in precise manner.

At least, Five of your references must to be from journal articles published in well publishers’ databases; IEEE, Springer, ElsevierWileyand 

Taylor& Francis.

Question 2

Vulnerability assessments are used to look for specific issues in our networks, computer systems and software. In a 3-4 page paper, discuss the various methods that can be used for vulnerability assessments and how that data can be used to harden our systems.

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