Social Work Skills

Question 1

No Plagiarism and APA format

4- to 5-page paper in which you design a resource program to support the needs of military families, including the needs of the identified clients in the case study you chose. Be sure to include the following in relation to your design:

  • Provide a brief background of the case study you selected
  • Describe any issues presented in the case study, including common challenges and stressors associated with PTSD or domestic violence
  • Identify any other information you need and why this would be critical in forming a program
  • Describe the social work skills and sensitivities you need to develop the program
  • Explain the military culture elements that are shown in the case study
  • Explain your design and how it would support military families

Question 2

Based upon your personal experiences in the military and/or knowledge of specific topics related to human resources management, write a scholarly, argumentative paper on some aspect of human resource management and/or development.Your paper should encourage discussion, debate, and critical thought about your particular topic.It may be necessary for you to select a contentious subject or issue, pick a side and support your decision.

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