Social Variable

Question 1

Have you ever traveled a familiar route while so lost in thought that you barely experienced the details of the trip itself? Compare this to an experience in which you had to pay attention to a specific set of directions to get to a location you had never visited. How did the characteristics of each situation affect your experience? As these examples show, attention exerts important influence over perception.

Cultural and societal influences also affect attention. Consider DeGloma and Friedman’s (2005) example of “thieves and FBI agents [evading detection by posing] as garbage collectors” (p. 17). This strategy may work to conceal identity by leveraging societal views of blue-collar workers as people less worthy of attention. Because of the “invisibility” of such workers in the eyes of many, some may not register the existence of a unique personality within a uniform.

In this Discussion, think about theories of attention as well as cultural and social variables. Consider the relationship between all of these factors and cognition.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a brief comparison of one early theory of attention to the Guided Search theory of attention. Then describe how these theories apply to visual search. Finally, describe one cultural and one social variable that might influence attention and explain how.

Support your response using at least 3 references. APA Format. 2-3 paragraphs.

Question 2

The Final Project is a review of one area of cognitive psychology literature. The purpose of the project is to allow you to explore an area of cognitive psychology that is of interest to you.

Beginning in the first weekof the course, start your review of current literature and research. You may select from a variety of areas of cognitive psychology and proceed with Instructor approval of your outline. The project is broken down into different steps to ensure steady completion.

For this first step complete the following:

Do some research on the topic of Child development; specifically in regards to the process of cognitive processes as we grow and how a child’s environment can play a role in environment.

In a 2- to 3-page document, describe provide a brief explanation of your topic and provide an outline of your final paper. Include a bibliography with at least 6 scholarly references that you intend to use.

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