Social Stimulation

 Question Topic

Although most older people prefer to live independently in the community, and most are successful in doing so, institutional care is an essential option for an aging population. Some facilities are excellent, providing high-quality care, comfort, and intellectual and social stimulation. However, even in these excellent settings, there is probably some room for improvement. Develop a description of an ideal nursing home. Your description should include the approximate number of residents, the approximate number of staff members, the qualifications of the staff, the physical design of the facility, provisions for promoting contact between residents and the community, and activities offered within the facility. 

Important to note

 Papers are to be a minimum of 1500 words double spaced, in APA  or MLA format 

 Attach it using “word format” or powerpoint only. No hyperlinks or goggle docs.  

Grading Criteria

  1. Fulfilling Assignment Objective: ( 60 points ) 

Good overview of material, with a clear

understanding of the content material.

  1. Clearly Written Paper: ( 20 points) 

Having an introduction, thesis, and conclusion,

as well as a good flow of ideas.

  1. Correct Grammar and Spelling: ( 10 points ) 
  2. Following Paper Format Instructions: ( 10 points ) 

Length of paper, font, margins, etc

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