Social Prescribing and Mental Health

For this TMA you will need to draw on Block 2 materials. However, you may also wish to support your answer with your learning from Block 1 and external sources of good academic quality.

To discuss the independent sector the main source of information is Learning Guide 8. Use an internet search to investigate options in the independent sector, ensuring that these are independent sector services and not statutory.

As well as drawing on Learning Guide 8, you may find relevant material in Learning Guide 7 where several possible links could be made to the independent sector. For example, you may wish to discuss the role that the independent sector can play in social prescribing, drawing on your work for Activity 7.7. Social prescribing and mental health.

The other part of the question asks how you might evaluate the effectiveness of services you have identified in the independent sector. Learning Guide 9 is the main learning guide to support your answer here. As part of your answer, the importance of the service user’s voice in evaluation could be considered. Activity 9.6 Championing the role of mental health service users would be a good activity to support your discussion of this.

Further guidance

You should start by providing a brief introduction setting out what your essay is going to cover. Ensure that you explain here how you are going to answer all aspects of the question.

The first task is to identify some services that might be helpful for Mandy. Explain how you identified that these are independent sector services and whether they are in the private or third sector. The essay will need to critically discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of independent sector provision in relation to the services identified.

A part of your answer, it will be valuable to discuss key terms in relation to this TMA such as:

  • How is the independent sector defined?
  • What is your understanding of evaluation?

To further support your discussion, you can use sources from outside of the module. However, ensure that these sources are of a good academic quality, and that you credit your sources in your reference list.

Ensure you provide a conclusion that sums up your main points and explains how you have answered the question set. Ensure that your references are recorded in a conventional academic essay style, using in-text citations and a reference list.

When preparing the TMA be sure to address any feedback from your tutor about your earlier work for TMA01.

Learning outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:

  • 1.2 the structure of contemporary mental health practice, including the influences of legislation, policy, planning and delivery.

Cognitive skills

  • 2.1 analyse situations from a range of perspectives and evaluate the appropriateness of different interventions or approaches.

Key skills

  • 3.1 read, select, analyse and manipulate both qualitative and quantitative information/evidence from a range of resources including electronic sources.
  • 3.3 write assignments, structuring the material to present a logical and coherent argument.

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