Social Mobility

Question 1

Do you think the portrayal of social class or gender in the media (whether in television shows, television news programs, movies, newspapers, radio, or other media sources) accurately reflects the realities of social class, inequality, and gender role expectations in American society? Give specific examples from the media to support your points. Then reflect on the extent to which the media shows us the impact of inequality (whether based on gender or class) on individual’s lives and society as a whole. What are the consequences of the media’s portrayal of social class or gender inequality in American society?

Question 2

Please read the question for this discussion thread carefully and answer it in details.

Class Inequality: What are three types of social mobility present in the American Society? Give at least one example of each mobility.

Gender Inequality: What is Glass Ceiling? How does it apply to women? Please quote the textbook.

Each student is required to reply to at least one other student.

Question 3

There are various challenges facing the developing nations. Do the developed nations have any part to play in this underdevelopment?.. How can this be mediated.use three examples and have 2 pages minimum. Spurces are not a must and you can use any referencing style

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