Social Impact Assignment

The challenge on Crowded Urban Spaces will focus on economic inclusion, more specifically, doubling the incomes of the residents who live in some of the toughest conditions in the world through improved mobility and increased connectivity to people, products, services and capital by 2022.
Almost 1.5 billion people living in crowded spaces worldwide are struggling. People don’t make enough money, they can’t reach where they need to be, and they are living in unsafe spaces that lack infrastructure and connection to basic services.
As urbanization continues, the problem is getting worse. People living in cities, slums, and refugee camps are unable to make enough income, limiting their individual prosperity and stunting broader economic growth. Governments and NGOs have been unable to increase income for the urban poor. Social enterprises may be the best option to address this issue.
For Example – Connected Goods:
Low-tech Lunch Logistics Meal delivery in India, called Dabbawala or Tiffin Wallahs, provides hot lunches to thousands of people every day. People on bicycles are employed to pick up meals from customers’ homes or from a caterer and deliver them directly to the customer at lunchtime. Performance rivals delivery companies such as FedEx or DHL, and the efficiency and speed of Dabbawala is achieved with a minimal use of technology
Your task is to build a social enterprise that can double the income of 10 million people living in crowded spaces by 2022 by better connecting people, goods, services, and capital? To so, you are required to provide a 3000-word brief that offers a plan to address the central task detailed above.
To provide context, students are encouraged to use a country of their choice and justify the selection.
A clear understanding of the social construct / cultural dimensions/ political and economic aspects within the country/community selected must be evident
The use of practical and theoretical aspects is encouraged
Build rational solutions that address the underlying aspects of the task

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