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Social Aspects

Question 1

Read the posted article ‘Social and Cultural Aspects of Drinking’ and answer the questions below.

  1. According to the article, how do alcoholic beverages develop symbolic roles? Describe how alcoholic beverages can be a situational definer, a status indicator, a statement of affiliation, and a gender differentiator. (5 marks)
  2. The article discusses the role of drinking places and the impact of drinking culture. What does the article state as the 4 significant general conclusions that can be drawn about the role of drinking places on social and cultural drinking habits? (4 marks)
  3. The article refers to significant transitions that are ritualised in some form in every society. Specifically, the article refers to: Life-Cycle Transitions, Life-Style Transitions, and Habitual Transitions. Explain these 3 transitions. (3 marks)
  4.  Considering your personal background and experiences, describe the role alcoholic beverages play in your social and cultural events. If you come from a cultural background were alcohol is not consumed, explain the reasons why it is not accepted and list the beverages you do consume at social and cultural events. (3 marks)

Question 2

‘The focus of governance is on value creation by organisations, embedded within the major challenges of the 21st century, namely the shift:

  •  from financial capitalism to inclusive capitalism
  •  from short-term capital markets to long-term, sustainable capital markets, and
  •  from siloed reporting to integrated reporting.

It is also concerned with the concept of corporate citizenship which flows from the fact that the company is a person and should operate in a sustainable manner. ‘

King IV, South Africa, 2016


Identify and discuss the challenges that are placed on a NZ listed company if it is to meet the governance focus outlined in the above quote. Refer to relevant reporting frameworks in your response.

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