Smart Goals

SMART goals are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based.  Please review the summary of SMART goals at

Thought Paper Assignment:  Identify in three (3) paragraphs a SMART goal for yourself that you would like to attain in the next year (by March 2024). This may be the same goal used in Thought Paper 2. This paper will help you examine the goal-setting process used to produce a viable goal.  It is suggested that the first paragraph state your one-year goal in terms of what is the presenting issue the goal is intended to address (Weight? Grades? Finances?), what is the desired future state, and what data suggests that the current state is not what you desire for a future state. 

The second paragraph may examine how the goal meets the SMART criteria of being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.  Please provide specifics for each element of the SMART criteria. 

The third paragraph would examine who could help hold you accountable for meeting this goal in one-year (Hint: It is not Dr. Sherman, and it is not you).  This should identify a specific person who you trust to hold you accountable and that you ask to be the person who holds you accountable for meeting the one-year goal.

  • The person I’m choosing is Mr. Elton Lott, my mentor and pastor.
  • He’s retired from the air force.
  • Step in the place of my father.
  • Spiritual couselor.

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