Slope of Enlightenment

Module 5: Part 3 ********* Approximately 8–10 pages.

Field Notes: Describe the procedures your group used to test the innovative technology.What aspects of the technology did your group choose to test?How did you conduct the field test? Provide a sequential, well-organized, logical and multi-level outline of the steps you followed.Include a justification for how you selected the setting, participants, and uses of the innovation; the aspects of the technology your group chose to test; and how you conducted the field test.Why did you use that procedure to measure the effectiveness of the technological innovation?Write your procedures so another technologist could replicate your Field Study.

Results: What did you discover about the technological innovation you tested?What need does this technology attempt to meet and how well does it meet that need?What are the potential benefits of applying this technological innovation for teaching and learning? Make a recommendation as to where this technology would be of greatest benefit.Analyze the potential challenges, problems, and dangers associated with this technological innovation in terms of instruction and learning.Analyze the potential benefits, problems, challenges, and dangers of implementing this technology.Develop a recommendation based on an analysis of where this technology could be used. Provide reasons supported with evidence that a leader would be able to use to endorse its use, including results from current research.Creatively predict the development of this technological innovation from fad to trend, documenting your prediction with your experience from the Field Study and current literature/research.Where do you think this innovation is on the Gartner Hype Cycle?

Analyze how your innovation moved through the Gartner Hype Cycle comparing time and expectations with references to innovation triggers, peaking inflated expectations, trough of disillusionment, slope of enlightenment, and the plateau of productivity. Predict when the innovation will hit the plateau of productivity.

Personal Reflection 

If you are a PhD or EdD student, what did you discover about yourself as an emerging researcher? If you are an EdS or certificate student, what did you discover about yourself as a leader in the field? Provide examples from your work on the Field Study, work in your Reporting Team, and research on your topic.Which current technological innovations attract you the most? Provide an analysis of why they attract you. What do you find attractive about these technological innovations in terms of learning and creativity.Provide a reflection on the evolution of your Personal Learning Network (PLN) throughout this course. Share how you need to maintain or improve your PLN to achieve professional and personal goals as they relate to your profession/ workplace and to your Walden program of study. What new components have you added to your PLN as you progressed through this course?

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