Skin Disease


A drug tester claims a drug cures a rare skin disease 70 percent of the time. claim is checked by tested 100 patients. if at least 64 are cured the claim would be accepted. find the probability that the claim would be rejected assuming the manufacturers claim is true. use the normal distribution to approximate the binomial distribution when possible.

A vending machine dispenses coffee in a 12-ounce cup. the amount of coffee dispensed into the 12 ounce cup is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 0.03 ounces. you may allow the cup overfill 1% percent of the time. what amount should u set as a mean amount of coffee to be dispensed?

According to a department of education survey, 33% of college students say they experience stress in their daily lives. In a class of 45 students, what is the probability that p-hat who experience stress is greater than 0.365?


Explain the relationship between the levels of measurement and the three measures of central tendency. Be sure to indicate the appropriateness of each measure for each level of measurement, including why the measure would be appropriate. You should include an appropriate example of a measure of central tendency for each level of measurement.

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