Skin Cancer

Air pollution is now something we all have to deal with. The question is, what should be done about it? What is effective?

For the discussion, read the short articles below about air pollution issues. Once you read the articles, discuss the following questions about air pollution below. You do not need to talk about all of them, but you are responsible for all the information in the articles. Make sure your answers are one to two paragraphs, and that your support your opinions with data and evidence. You will then be required to reply to at least one of your classmate’s posts. Again, make sure you write at least one paragraph, and make sure you support what you say with evidence.


  1. The clean air act has done a lot to reduce air pollution in the United States. Some companies object to this type of regulation, and say it is bad for business. What role do you think the US government (or any countries government) should have in regulating pollution? Make sure to back up your opinion with data and evidence.
  2. Pollution doesn’t stay where it is produced. Air pollution from places like China affects the health of people all over the world. Do you think the international community should get involved in air pollution issues of sovereign nations? What role should countries have in stopping air pollution globally? Should the UN be able to tell China how much they can pollute? How might the international community come together to tackle this global issue in an effective way? Make sure to back up your opinion with evidence.
  3. Air pollution causes lots of health issues, from increased skin cancer rates, to asthma, to lung cancer, and even can change our global climate systems. Even so, many people don’t see this as a priority issue. What are some ways beside government regulation to get the public engaged in dealing with air pollution issues? Make sure to back up your opinion with evidence.

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