Sexuality Aspects


500-750 words response to games you’ve been playing.

The goal of each personal essay is to identify a specific scenario or event in a game you’ve recently played and to reflect on that specific event in the context of what was discussed in class. (Gender, Race, and Sexuality). 

Each personal essay should include a short summary describing the particular scenario/event within a game you’d like to respond to, and a reflection on that event with reference to recent reading/discussion. In other words, tell me how the things we’ve covered in class have influenced how you understand the game.

(Write from Gender, Race, and Sexuality Aspects) 


 You and your friend Samantha wish to see the new action movie at the IMAX Theater.  You purchased the $25 ticket a week earlier, while Samantha decided to buy the ticket at the theater ticket counter. You both arrive at the theater 15 minutes to the start of the movie.  You discover that you left your ticket at home (no time to go home and pick up the ticket) and Samantha discovers that $25.00 is missing from her purse (probably stolen). If both you and Samantha are rational and both still have enough money to pay for a ticket, is one of you more likely than the other to go ahead and see the movie anyway? 

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