Self Esteem

Question 1

An exploratory study on factors that affects self-esteem of children with dyslexia at selected special needs centres and schools in Kuala Lumpur.

Research questions

1. What are the views of headmasters, teachers, psychologist, on their self-esteem?

2. How does these issues affect children with dyslexia’s self-esteem?

3. What are the appropriate supports/guidance for individuals with dyslexia to cope with their issues? (from teacher, peers, parents)

Question 2

Is Marketing Management an Art or a Science? Some observer maintain that good marketing is mostly an art and does not lend itself to rigorous analysis and deliberation. Other contend it is a highly disciplined enterprise that shares much with other business discipline.

Question: Marketing management is largely artistic exercise and therefore highly subjective versus marketing management is largely a scientific exercise with well-established guidelines and criteria. Please discuss.

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