Self Concept


Reading 8: According to Mead:

What is the self? How are selves created? At what point in your life do you have a self? Is it something you are born with?

What is the generalized other?

What is the “I”, and what is the “me”? …….. reading 9: According to Differential Association Theory, in your own words, what is the process by which an individual comes to engage in criminal behavior?

What is the relationship between differential association theory and Mead’s social psychology? [You might consider (some of) the following: the social development of the self, the notion that we have multiple selves, the fact that we can take the role of the other and the generalized other, and that human beings give things meanings and that those meanings are the product of social interaction?]

What are the similarities between differential association theory and social learning theory? How does social learning theory differ from differential association theory?

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