Question description

Please answer the following questions with references no older than 5 years old.

Question 1 A parent calls the pediatric clinic questioning about what he should do about his child who tripped and fell on the sidewalk, and subsequently hit his head. Which of the following symptoms would require that the child needs to go to the emergency room?

Question 1 options:

a) History of febrile seizure

b) Scalp laceration

c) Uncontrollable crying

d) Loss of consciousness

Question 2 Which of the following the best measure of childhood intelligence?

Question 2 options:

a) Wechsler scale

b) Vineland scales

c) Bayley scales

d) Denver II

Question 3

A nurse practitioner is seeing a pediatric patient in a follow-up visit after the child experienced a febrile seizure. Which of the following statements would be the most accurate when educating the parents on febrile seizures?

Question 3 options:

a) The child will be at an increased risk for epilepsy

b) The child would benefit from phenytoin

c) The child would benefit from phenobarbital

d) The child may experience repeated seizures

Question 4

A child has Tourette syndrome and is in the pediatric clinical. Which of the following should the nurse practitioner be aware of?

Question 4 options:

a) Symptoms become more unpredictable during adolescence

b) Sleep disturbance from tics increases with age

c) Boys have an increased incidence of behavioral problems

d) Medications are now available to control tics without a change in functioning

Question 5 A child who is enrolled in Head Start is suspected of having developmental delays based on Denver II results at two separate clinic visits. What would be the next step in the plan of care?

Question 5 options:

a) Request Head Start complete an independent evaluation

b) Discuss interventions to foster development with the parents

c) Repeat the Denver II again in 6 months

d) Refer the child for a more definitive evaluation

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