Segmentation Strategy

The university or college is an organization with customers and markets, just like most others. Although students are not prone to think of their college or university as an organization that undertakes marketing and market segmentation, in fact higher education has become increasingly competitive in recent years. The breakdown of provincially-mandated barriers and the onset of online educational options has made the competition for customers (students) more intense. As such, many colleges and universities now use extensive market segmentation analysis to refine their message and win customers.
Consider Nipissing University’s market segmentation. Analyze the following:
1. How should Nipissing segment its markets?
2. Are there some market segments that are potentially more lucrative than others?
3. What new segments should the organization explore in the next few years?
4. What segmentation strategy, e.g., psychographic, geodemographic, should it use?
5. What strategies is the organization currently using?

This analysis should culminate in an integrated assessment of the following points. The
assignment is marked out of 10 points.
1. What segmentation strategy does it appear that Nipissing is currently using? Is it effective? Explain. (3 points)
2. What new strategies might be more effective? Why? (3 points)
3. How can Nipissing be more effective with its current segmentation strategy? Give examples of how the target market can be better defined. (3 points)
4. Please note formatting and referencing will be part of the mark (1 point)

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