Security Threats


This week you are reporting possible security threats to your network, how the network is hardened against such threats, and recommendations to harden the network further.

As a team, discuss likely threats against the network and decide on recommendations to harden the network.

Create a 1-page table listing possible security threats. Include attack vectors, how this network has been hardened against such attacks, and/or recommendations for further steps to take.

Combine documents from this and previous weeks:

  • Week 2: IPP HQ Layout
  • Week 3: Technical Specifications Document
  • Week 4: Encryption and WIPS/WIDS Implementation PowerPoint®

Include corrections and recommendations based on changes made to the wireless network and instructor feedback.


Please discuss the different roles played by the qualitative and quantitative approaches to managerial decision making. Why is it important for a manager or decision maker to have a good understanding of both of these approaches to decision making.  

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