Security Regime

Question 1

‘The 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (ULONCS) provides the foundation for an effective regional maritime security regime. However this large and complex convention is not without its limitations. There are many examples of apparent non-compliance with its norms and principles and the United States as a key player in regional maritime security is still not a party to it.

The root causes of these problems lie in basic conflicts of interest between countries on law of the sea issues the built-in ambiguity of UNCLOS in several of its key regimes and the geographical complexity of the East Asian region in particular.’ – Dr Sam Bateman. Compare the Transit Passage Regime with the Archipelagic Sea Lanes Passage Regime for straits that are used for international navigation.

Question 2

Identify an economic issue from a firm, industry or market of your choice. State the questions you are trying to address and the tools that can help in your analysis. Conclude from your analysis and outline the implications of your findings for business or government policy. Illustrate your answer with data and evidence as appropriate.

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