Security Analyst

For this assignment you are required to search the school library or the Internet for two articles stating that the failure of access control contributes to a security breach. This breach could either be in a public or private organization. Please explain in an academic format:

First Company

  • What type of breach occurred?
  • What was stolen? (if any)
  • How is access control to be blamed?
  • What security protocol would you put in place to ensure such occurrence does not reoccur?

Second Company

  • How did this breach occur?
  • What role did the lack of access control play in this breach?
  • If you were Lead Security Analyst for this company what strategies would you have implemented to reduce or eliminate this vulnerability?

Assignment Requirements

Please use the Individual Project (IP) title page provided in the course material folder. Your SA score should not be more than 30%. All paragraphs must be indented and have at least four complete sentences. You should also use sub-headers for each question. In-text citations and a reference list are also a requirement. Please ensure that all cited sources are credible. Write at least 2 paragraphs (each paragraph MUST have at least 4 complete sentences and a cited source) on each question.

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