Sculpture in the Expanded Field

For this assignment, read Rosalind Krauss’ article “Sculpture in the Expanded Field” and include at least ONE image example of sculpture from the 1960s and 1970s. Krauss.pdf
In a 2-page, double-spaced paper consider the following questions:
How do Krauss’ ideas relate to the notion of structuralism? Where specifically do you see her taking a structuralist standpoint?In what way does modernism differ from postmodernism for Krauss? When does she see this shift as occurring?On page 288 of Krauss’ article, she states, “For, within the situation of postmodernism, practice is not defined in relation to a given medium –sculpture—but rather in relation to the logical operations on a set of cultural terms, for which any medium—photography, books, lines on walls, mirrors, or sculpture itself—might be used.”
Evaluate and interpret this term “logical operations”? What do you think Krauss means when she uses this term?How does Krauss’ theory relate to that of Formalism and Greenberg’s theories?Do you see any problems with Krauss’ analysis and constructs? What about with her binaries?Include one example of sculpture from this time period that illustrates Krauss’s ideas! include (artist, title, date, medium)
Format your paper according to the Liberal Arts Writing Guide (also found under the references tab in this course). Your paper should contain the following components:
Papers must have an introduction and a conclusion.Papers will be formatted in Chicago Manual Style and include a separate Bibliography page.Discusses specific examples and not generalities.Papers must be spellchecked with no grammar or punctuation errors.Attachments area

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