Scramble Game

Question 1

A magician is doing a magic trick with a standard deck of cards. He asks Melissa to draw a card at random and then replace it. Then he asks Brandon to draw a card from the deck. What is the probability that both Melissa and Brandon draw a spade? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

A. 6.3%

B. 5.9%

C. 0.6%

D. 0.5%

Question 2

There are 52 teams in the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year. Which expression shows the probability that they will also win the next two years?

Question 3

The distribution of letters in a Scrabble game are given below.

If 7 pieces are taken from the 100 piece set, what is the probability that the first two pieces chosen are “S” and the third is an “E”?

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